E Harcourts Bank In Residence

Located in the original Bank of Sharon Springs, we strive to maintain and showcase the space with its original beauty and historic interest. Even though it is still a seasonal pop- up shop, The Bank in Residence is open from Mothers Day until Halloween and for seasonal events.

Sharon Spring guests are sure to embrace the Experience “The elegance of country living”.  Antiques and found objects are lovingly blended with re purposed items like the famous goat tote.  Eileen Harcourt shares her experience and love of beauty and fragrance with both handmade and custom blended products as well as classes and events.

Website: https://www.eharcourts.com

Instagram: bankinsharon; Harcourts

Facebook: Bank In Residence; Eileen Harcourt

Location: 204 Main Street, Sharon Springs

Email: elharcourts@gmail.com

Phone: 917-853-1147