Sharon Sprigs


Contact Information:

Owner / Designer: Maria Lange

Saratoga Sprigs

5 Westminster Drive

Greenfield Center, NY 12833

 P 518-424-3668


Sharon Sprigs is a dried floral business that grew out of Saratoga Sprigs with a need to grow more flowers. So, we bought a farm in Sharon and have planted a field of flowers to start Slate Hill Flower Farm, with Sharon Sprigs as the design side of our small farm. We strive to grow our flower’s sustainability and enjoy the local offerings we can seasonally gather along the roadsides and fields surrounding Sharon Springs, NY.  You can find us at the local market, shows and festivals and please stop back regularly to watch us grow.

One of the greatest advantages of dried flowers is that their season doesn’t have to end with the first frost.

 Dried florals are harvested at the peak of their season to ensure brilliant color and lasting beauty. Many of my flowers are locally grown or gathered along the roadsides and fields surrounding Sharon Springs, NY to enjoy as nature had intended yet with an extended season.