Weathertop Farm, LLC


At Weathertop Farm, we have some pretty basic ideals.

We grow a wide variety of culinary and medicinal herbs for direct sale and also to make our line of artisanal foods and natural wellness products. We grow and forage for numerous types of fruit that we then pick at the peak of ripeness and make into jams, bitters and syrups that we sell at local stores, markets and festivals. While we are certified organic, we also like to believe that we follow a protocol that would be considered ‘beyond organic’ in terms of our farm methods.

That means no petroleum based fertilizers, no toxic chemical stew spread on the plants or soil & no GMOs.

We believe that animals need fresh air and sunshine and healthy food as much as humans do. We believe in bartering and work-share and helping future farmers by giving them a place to learn and laugh while they hone their skills. We believe that the way to survive and thrive is through a diversified income stream. We produce healthy, natural products made from our certified organically grown ingredients that you can feel good about eating and/or putting on your body. We invite you to contact us to set up a farm visit!

Phone: (518) 935-0940

Address:  Weathertop Farm, LLC, c/o Kate Miller
                 132 Main St , #1
                 Sharon Springs, NY 13459